Skin needling is a sophisticated technique which promotes the body's natural production of collagen and melacantis (pigment producing cells).  This process smooths out scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks and can even the tones of some skin discolorations.

         Needles sound SCARY?
                    It's NOT !!!

    I apply a thin veil  of a topical
 numbing agent before your procedure.
The result is a very pleasant treatment.

     You  will be amazed at how great
your skin can look!

 Stretch Marks:
  • In a week, skin color and "glow" improves as the blood capillary network  is rebuilt.  Lifeless, graying skin regains the rosy glow of youth.
  • In a month, skin becomes better moisturized as the skin barrier is tightened and the water holding proteins (Proteoglycans) increase.
  • Skin becomes firmer and tighter as new collagen and elastin replaces old broken proteins.  The skin slowly thickens and becomes similar to young skin.
  • Over several months, skin lesions and scars slowly vanish while wrinkles are reduced.  The skin is younger looking.

Scars:      Before                              After

Skin Tightening:






   $185   each  treatment
              (may require several 

    Discount Packages Available

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